Weekly Update for Apr 12


As of the close of business on Apr 5, the following items were in short supply:


Canned Meals (Spaghetti-O’s, Beefaroni, Chili with meat, etc.)
Boxed Meals
Tea (individual serving-size)
Coffee (individual serving-size)
Juice (small boxes with straws)
Can Openers (inexpensive ones from discount stores)
Hygiene Kits (travel-sized toiletry items)
We occasionally need plastic storage bags (quart-sized & gallon-sized).

Regardless of the generosity of our congregations, some items are almost always in short supply. For a list, click here.

Other non-food Needs:

  • CAN OPENERS – Always 
  • PLASTIC ZIPLOC-TYPE BAGS FOR FOOD — Sandwich Size or Quart Size Ziploc or similar brands  

Donations may be delivered directly to Druid Hills United Methodist Church, 1200 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. Donations may be dropped off at the church office Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

More About Can Openers: It seems that we are always very low on can openers. Any immediate contributions would be most welcome. As you know, many of our canned products do not have pop tops so our homeless guests need can openers to use them. If you are able to help, please secure the most inexpensive can-opener you can find, as these are frequently lost or misplaced.



When you work a shift at the Food Pantry, we want — nay, need — to know that you were there. So please, please sign in when you arrive.  Thanks!


Important Guest Information You Should Know

It is the Food Pantry’s policy to try to make sure that food is distributed as equitably as possible to all who have need.  Accordingly, guests are limited to two visits per month to the Food Pantry unless they are homeless, or have been approved by one of our participating pastors for more than two visits.  Food will be provided to walk-in guests only if they are first time visitors.  Walk-ins who wish to return will have to obtain a referral from one of our pastors.
We appreciate your service.    Intown Food Pantry works because of you.

Volunteers: Please Schedule Yourselves

There is more information and a link on the “Volunteer Here” page, but just to make things extra easy for you, if you’re already signed up as a volunteer and are familiar with the scheduling procedure, you can open the Volunteer Schedule Sheet and sign up for your shifts simply by clicking right here.  As we’ve said before, please sign up early and often. It will be enormously helpful to the volunteer coordinators to know who is planning to come well before Saturday arrives.  Many thanks!

Cash Donations

The food pantry welcomes donations of cash as well as food.  For more information, click on the “Donate” link on the left side of this page.